Aquarium Saltwater Hobby

There is over 18,000 species of saltwater fish. With many different colors, shapes and sizes you have a lot to choose from. With this hobby it doesn’t matter what your into there is something for everyone.

When it comes to the reef hobby, I’m all over the place when it comes to what type of set up I like. I love the mean and predator fish on one hand, and on the other I’m into the colors and beauty of the tank. So to satisfy my craving for the hobby, I got three different tanks with three different themes. I have a 350g predator tank, a 650g full reef tank, and a 150g butterfly and angel tank. Some would say when I got bit with the bug, I got bit hard.

When I got in this hobby I didn’t know anything about fish, let alone saltwater fish. All I knew is I liked the way it looks and I had to have something like that in my house. So like I always do I got on the internet and did my research. After months of research I was more confused about saltwater fish than ever, since everything that I was reading contradicted each other. Because I was overwhelmed with the abundance of information, I came to the conclusion I am going to do things my way and mix a little bit of everything I read together with a little bit of science and see how far that gets me.

This blog is not meant to say this is the only way to do things. This blog is for you to do what I did and get information from all different sources and put all that together with a little bit of science. This hobby is a learning proses and will always be a learning proses for me and you. If you think you know everything about this hobby or saltwater fish you need to research more because you are missing a lot.

One of the things I keep reading is that when it comes to the saltwater fish hobby, it is hard and very expensive. In my eyes it depends on what you consider hard or expensive. When It comes to being hard, yes there’s more to it than freshwater tanks but I don’t think it’s much harder. For example, at work I’m only home a week to a week in a half and all my wife does is feed and clean the glass of my 90g,350g,650g and 150g tanks. I also only do 30% water changes twice a year. To me that’s not too hard. Now about being expensive, if you compare it to fresh water fish its very expensive. But the way I look at it is when you go to someone’s house and see a saltwater tank, the value that it gives your house due to the complexity is worth it to me. Its also a great conversation piece. When people come over my house my tanks is the first thing they look at and want to talk about.