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How to Buy a Used Aquarium

Fishkeeping is the practice of keeping fish, marine plants, and other creatures suited to an aquatic environment. More than just a hobby, fishkeeping is a passion for many, and often becomes a family endeavor. Beyond learning the basics of fish care and tank maintenance, fishkeeping provides hobbyists with the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of [...]

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How to Buy Marine Fish

Marine fish are fish that are able to flourish within an aquarium that is saltwater-based. The size and the shape of the aquarium will help to determine the types of fish that are able to live and thrive within that particular environment. While some fish are small and will not grow much larger than they [...]

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Biological Filtration

1.Fish Waste & other biological processes 2. Ammonia 3. Nitrites 4. Nitrates 5. Water changes to remove nitrates and DOC Some call it the biological cycle, the nitrification process, new tank syndrome or even the startup cycle. They all are referring to the same cycle – The Nitrogen Cycle. The aquarium nitrogen cycle is a [...]

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Saltwater Reef Tank

The ultimate tank setup in this hobby has to be the reef tank setup. It’s like having a small piece of the coral reef in your living room. The emphasis is on the corals and invertebrates with a limited amount of fish. These tanks are however, more expensive to setup and maintain. Equipment such as [...]

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Aquarium Types

Aquariums come in many shapes and sizes. There is surely to be an aquarium type out there that will suit you. Fish tanks can be made out of glass or acrylic and typical sizes are 10, 20, 29, 30, 40, 50, 55 gallons and larger. Some are tall, some are short. Some are rectangular or [...]

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Aquarium Filter And Filtration

Your aquarium filter helps increase the quality of the water in your fish tank. Most think of mechanical filtration when it comes to aquarium filters but as you will soon see, there are some other filter types that you need to know about. Mechanical, Biological & Chemical Aquarium Filters There are three types of aquarium [...]

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Buying the Right Tank and Filter

There are many many shapes and sizes of fish tanks available so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you and your fish. This article explains the important factors to consider when buying a fish tank and filter. Budget and space availability It is a common misconception that small tanks are [...]

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