Residential or Business Aquarium Maintenance and Service:
Whether you just need some troubleshooting for an aquarium you service yourself, a second opinion or you want reliable aquarium maintenance from a company that’s ready to serve your needs, we offer the finest choice for aquarium management services in Houston. If you want the best and are located in our service area, please contact us today.
*Flexible Scheduling – Seven Days a Week
*24/7/365 Emergency Services For Our Clients
*Great Rates and Easy Payment
*The Best Guarantees in the Business
*All Livestock Quarantined a Minimum of Two Weeks
*Free Quarterly Quality-Control Checks
*Maintained Aquarium Records in Our Secure Database
*Fully Insured For Your Protection
Aquarists Who Care:
Our aquarists are the most knowledgeable around. We hire qualified candidates with a minimum of three to five years hobbyist experience. Each technician then undergoes an intensive three-month training program. Fish Fanatix sells only healthy, hand-caught or tank-raised fish, coral and invertebrates. We care about the environment and will never sell fish which are collected using drugs or cyanide. We do not sell fish which historically do not survive well in captivity such as some butterfly fish species, seahorses or ribbon eels. We sell only cultured live rock, and attempt to obtain tank-raised corals and invertebrates for our reef aquarium clients. We sell only legally-collected decorative coral.
24/7 Emergency Service – 365 Days a Year!
We are always available, day or night, to address aquarium emergencies for our clients.