Product Description

Prodibio AlkaReef+ – 10 vials Information

Prodibio AlkaReef +The pH is an essential parameter to monitor because important variations of its level are harmful to reef aquarium inhabitants. In this environment, carbonate and hydrogen carbonate ions are responsible for the biggest part of the global alkalinity. Their buffer capacity also contributes to reduce the unwanted pH variations.

But carbonate and hydrogen carbonate are also used by calcifying organisms such as corals and coralline algae, in order to build their rigid structures.

Consequently, it is crucial to regularly add these ions in a reef aquarium. AlkaReef+ contains carbonate ions in order to maintain your tank`s alkalinity to its optimum. It works best with CalciReef+, a calcium hydro-gel that slowly liberates hydrogen carbonate ions in the water. AlkaReef+ is gluconate free.

Dosing Instructions

    • 2 vials of AlkaReef+ per week A slight brown deposit may occur in the vial.
      Nevertheless it is important to regularly measure the alkalinity decrease in your aquarium, and to readjust it around 2.5-4.0meq/L (or 125-200 ppm de CaCO3, or 7.0- 11.2 d° KH)  One vial of AlkaReef+ contains 1050 mg carbonate (which equals 35meq/L, 1750 ppm CaCO3 or 98 d° KH).
    • But on top of carbonates, the calcification reaction also uses up calcium. Therefore it is recommended to add one vial of CalciReef+ for every two vials of AlkaReef+ you use.

The easiest way to dose AlkaReef+ is to set its quantity according to the aquarium`s calcium needs. Add two vials of AlkaReef+ for every vial of CalciReef+ used (each one will progressively liberate 15meq/L, or 750 ppm CaCO3, or 42 d° KH). All together, the three vials will add 85meq/L, or 4250 ppm CaCO3, or 238 d° KH.For example, if your aquarium contains 200 L (50 gal), adding these three vials will raise the alkalinity by 0.43meq/L, or 21.3 ppm CaCO3, or 1.2 d° KH.The calcification reaction uses calcium, but also carbonates, thus decreasing alkalinity. For that reason, it is recommended to add two vials of AlkaReef+ for every vial of CalciReef+ you use.

Wait at least half an hour between the addition of CalciReef+ and AlkaReef+ The synergy between those two products generates an ionic balance close to natural sea water, but it is still recommended to perform regular water changes